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Easily Bake Up Some Cancer with Disney!

Enjoy Tasty Cancer Thanks to Disney!

Enjoy Tasty Cancer Thanks to Disney!

Seriously Disney, WTF!?

Think this is fake? Click here and check for yourself, before they remove it! Funny pic, yet so sad. It’s amazing the bullshit that corporations pull to make money. This is probably an all time low though. Disney might as well just sell cancer juice from concentrate to kids.

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  1. um, have you never heard of teflon? the stuff on your frying pans? it happens to be a carcinogen, and its probably the same shit on this easy bake crack pipe

  2. Yeah, that would be teflon. Run for your life.

  3. Every substance is known to the State of California to be bad for you for some reason or another. The real mystery is why only CA is bothered to warn anyone about the stuff.

  4. I don’t even…

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