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Truck hits car, girl gets out and acts all ragey

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Crazy old man swerves on passing motorcycle

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Walmart employees fighting

Two female Walmart employees at the Whitehall, Pennsylvania store are caught on video fighting in the clothing department

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American Airlines flight attendants bully woman off plane

Scumbag flight attendants for American Airlines has woman kicked of plane. Read the cameraman’s account:

After this girl didn’t hear Tim (flight attendant in aisle) ask her to move to let someone by near the front of the plane, he raised his voice, which surprised and upset her. She apologized to him, took her seat in front of me, but then called another attendant over to say Tim had been rude to her. Tim saw this and had her thrown off the flight! Afterward about 20 of us grabbed the pilot at the gate to complain, this shear number shows Tim was way out of line and was just being an ass. USAir/American Flight 408, October 11, 2015. The girl was in seat 20F. Don’t fly these airlines!!

And there you have it, Tim the stewardess is a whiny little b17<4

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Dashcam: DUI crash in Brookhaven, New York

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