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Woman trips thief running from security

Package thief stopped by neighbor

“Protesters” in Baltimore target white people & rob RT reporter

“Protesters” attacking random white people in Baltimore

“Protesters” attack and rob Ruptly producer in Baltimore

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Principal steals kid’s iPhone, won’t give it back to parent

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Restaurant owner fights back against robber

Full Story
From the video description

Arron Barberian, a Toronto steakhouse owner, was attacked in front of his restaurant at Elm St. in Toronto. The robber was trying to take money that the owner was carrying at that moment but failed… there is also a lady who is stealing his phone in the middle of the road (somewhere at the end of the video), so a double robbery.

The images are from Toronto Police website Note: this video is from the owners surveillance video and all credit goes to him (Arron Barberian)

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