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Horrible parking job by New Jersey woman

Cement truck pushing car on highway in Dallas

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Hot Girl Loses Shirt in Drifting Toyota Supra [uncensored HD video]

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Russian model: Manizha Faraday

Manizha Faraday and her perfect boobs bust out from behind her harness straps and stun the web with their perfectness. Enjoy the video in all it’s uncensored HD glory!


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If you’re looking for the topless girl in rally car video, Google is sending some visitors to the wrong page. Here is the correct page for the Topless girl in rally car uncensored HD video, so check it out!


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Teen girl wrecks Toyota Highlander into house, twice


Not only did the idiot wreck into the house twice, but according to the video description on Youtube she is blaming her screw-up on Toyota. Apparently, this dummy didn’t hear that the Toyota Prius stuck accelerator issue was a hoax.


Terror in our Toyota! Sure looks like the Electronic Throttle Control got stuck, huh? Another case of “UNINTENDED ACCELERATION?” She was only able to control the car with the PRNDL – 3 teenage girls in the car and just pulling into a neighbor’s driveway to pick-up during carpool! This could happen to you! The car was totalled, the home has sever damage, and a car inside the home was totaled out and another damaged. Toyota’s response: “…no evidence of any sort of manufacturing or design defect…” You look at this video and decide for yourself!

Speeding motorcycle almost hits longboard camera car

view from speeding motorcycle

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