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Woman tries reverse in her BMW

Douche who trains in MMA caught on video beating helpless teen

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Tree branch cutting goes wrong

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Walmart loss prevention thug harasses man filming shoplifter

A loss prevention worker for a Walmart in Wilmington, NC harasses a man who was filming a shoplifter. The strange actions of the loss prevention worker are confusing, as he is not concerned about the shoplifter, but rather the man recording video of the shoplifter. Is this loss prevention worker “the man on the inside” for his friends to steal from the store without having to worry? We can’t be sure of his involvement in aiding the shoplifter. However, we can be sure that this loss prevention worker certainly needs fired and investigated to find out his involvement.

Wilmington Walmart Loss Prevention Thug

Wilmington Walmart Loss Prevention Thug

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Road rage fight with bat in Austin Texas

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