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East Harlem pharmacy robbery ends badly for criminal

A civilian gassing his car at a gas station in East Harlem captures the moment when retired NYPD Lieutenant Thomas Barnes shot and killed Rudolph Wyatt after a botched pharmacy robbery. Wyatt was shot once in the cheek and once in the base of the skull after opening fire at NYPD officers who were approaching the pharmacy. Wyatt, a Bloods gang member with a lengthy rap sheet, was pronounced dead at the scene while his accomplice is still at large.

A dramatic shootout in Harlem, NY ended when a retired NYPD
Lieutenant turned hedge fund driver sprang into action and opened fire
on a robber who had started firing at two female officers responding to
the scene.

Rudolph Wyatt, 23 and known by his street name “Booga,” was in the
process of holding up a drug store and demanding money and the pain
killers OxyContin and Percocet. At the time of the robbery, several
customers were in the store, including a baby in a stroller. An alert
manager hit the panic button, which summoned two female officers in a
patrol car and a male officer on foot. When the cops arrived, they were
able to coax one suspect (who has since escaped) out. That’s when Wyatt
came out gun blazing. And that’s when retired Lt. Thomas Barnes took

“Part of the back of his head was missing. He had a large head wound
and there was tons of blood,” witness John Brecevich, 59, told the Post.
Wyatt was a member of the Bloods gang called “All About Money.” It
just so happens Barnes, the retired cop, spent years working in the gang
division in Brooklyn. Wyatt was wanted for shooting a 19-year-old in
Georgia six times (non-fatal) and for another May 2010 shooting in NYC.

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