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Fastest Gunman EVER, Bob Munden

This dude is in 24/7 Beast Mode

Not only is this mofo quick, but accurate as well!

Yea, these videos are old as hell, but they are still bass. Bob Munden is the fastest gunman EVER! If these videos don’t convince you, than you have no soul.

The first video, he does a pretty good job of explaining what he does and how he does it, without giving away his perfected technique. Showing off his skills and waxing 2 balloons in less than 1 second.

The second video, he shows off his equally impressive marksmanship skills, by plinking quarters out of the air and splitting a playing card edge-wise. Yes, EDGE-WISE! What a truly impressive display of analog beast-mode!

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  1. Gute Site! Dieser Beitrag ist interessant. Danke dafuer.

  2. yay 3500 trophies and 800 major champoinships

    that is a large collection of trophies, CONGRATULATIONS to your world wide recognition!

    Keep it up!

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  3. Is this guy for real? I’ve never seen anything like that! You can’t even see him move!

  4. That dude crazy! Good stuff though. never seen anything like that before.

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